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Here’s what Megan is talking about these days and a few of her most popular keynotes. She customizes every speech to the audience and event, so think of these as a starting point.


Hot Topics

  • Customer-Centric Culture

  • Leading Transformation

  • Empathy, Trust, and the Bottom Line

  • The Art of Experience Management

  • Employee Engagement & Experience

  • Emotionally Intelligent Experiences


Why Good People Deliver Bad Experience And How To Help Them Do Better

You’ve got people bought into the need for change - to be more customer-centric or more disciplined about managing customer journeys. But despite their “buy-in”, not much has changed day-to-day. Why not? This talk explores the invisible forces that derail progress in even the most well-meaning organizations. Attendees come away from this session knowing:

  • Why people resist doing things that are good for them and the business

  • What’s missing from transformation plans that causes them to fail

  • How little changes produce results faster than big corporate initiatives

  • Specific ways to spark change with no budget or formal authority 

High energy and incredibly knowledgeable. An incredible presentation that drove the conversation and continues to a week later.

Connecting The Dots Between Customer and Employee Experience

Companies with great customer experience grow faster than those without, but it’s hard to wow people when employees are stressed out, tired, or frustrated. This talk looks at how your organization’s employee experience shapes your ability to design and deliver an industry-leading, on-brand customer experience.

After this talk, audience members will know:

  • What makes a great employee experience and how to measure it

  • Why improving employee experience, even for internal roles, leads to happier customers

  • How to make the case for and jump-start your own employee experience program

Need Change Fast? Make Trust Your Top Priority

The world is changing, and your company needs to change with it, but transforming a whole organization takes time. One way to speed up the process is to foster more trust among your employees and between workers and leaders. In this talk, Megan explains why change champions should focus on trust and how it acts as a catalyst for other culture and process transformation.

Attendees will come away from this talk knowing:

  • What trust is and how it forms

  • Why it’s so easily eroded in today’s business world

  • The financial and human upside of improving trust among employees and their leaders

  • Concrete steps anyone can take to foster trust with the people their jobs depend on

I can’t thank you enough for doing that speech. It was awesome and really got people’s attention! They finally have the executive backing they were looking for 3 years ago.

Burnout Is Not Customer-Centric: How To Set Boundaries Without Risking Relationships

 You want employees to go the extra mile for customers, but the best people are often their own worst enemies. In the quest for excellence they work crazy hours, book grueling travel, and push themselves to the brink of exhaustion — or worse. Burnout isn’t good for employees, customers, or the business but few managers proactively stop their teams from going down this path. In this talk, Megan hopes to change that by sharing her own journey to burnout and how she bounced back. Audiences will hear:

  • Physical, emotional, and social clues that you’re headed toward burnout

  • The dangerous beliefs that drive burnout, and why most of them are wrong

  • The difference between not caring and learning to care differently

  • Specific words and strategies you can use to set boundaries without guilt or fear


The Art and Science Of Emotionally Engaging Experiences

Business often glorifies logic and data, but the essence of all human experience is emotion. As the poet Maya Angelou said "people will forget what you said, they'll forget what you did, but they'll never forget how you made them feel." In this session, Megan explores why emotion is so important and how leading firms integrate it into their customer experience. After this session, you'll have a deeper understanding of:

  • What emotions are, why we have them, and how they shape experience as it is happening

  • The impact of emotions on trust, brand, and loyalty

  • Ways to measure and design for emotion in customer interactions



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