Here are a few of my favorite (free) articles, websites, and tools for customer and employee experience professionals. If there's a resource not listed here that you've found helpful let me know and I'll consider adding it. 

CX Outlook Cover.png

The 2017 CX Outlook

In this eBook, a group of CX authors, designers, and industry leaders including me, Josh Bernoff, Kerry Bodine, Dave Carroll, Matt Inman, and Ingrid Lindberg shares what’s top of mind for us as we kick off 2017. The common theme: connection. Our need to build bridges across organizations, to communicate honestly, and to be kind to one another.

The Stanford Manifesto

The Stanford Manifesto

Stanford Website

The folks at Stanford are not only experts in the field of design, they're passionate advocates for its use to solve important problems. They generously share their most useful research and design methods including a 90-minute virtual crash course in design that anyone can download and run in their organization. 

CXPA Learning Pages

The Customer Experience Professionals Association (CXPA) is a member-driven professional organization with more than 4,000 members worldwide. The group has some e-books of its own that are available to anyone and even more resources available if you're a CXPA member (dues: $125).